Annual Report from the Board

Dear Friends,

We are extremely grateful for your generosities in helping LOMCP grow and sustain in its mission. LOMCP/Medical Crisis Program supports individuals & families who are financially suffering from medical crisis. We do so by providing grants to help lessen financial burdens from rising medical costs. We have helped provide financial relief to families who have lost their homes, transportation abilities, or work opportunities.

It has been 2 years since we achieved our 501c3 status. As you read about donation activity in 2016, we think you we be very pleased at the outcome. To date (December 5) LOMCP has received $13,539.66 in cash donations in addition to approximately $2,646.00 gift -in-kind donations. Your donations provided 6/$800.00 grants to families in 2016 and will insure an increased amount of grant giving in 2017.

We are also very close to our goal of achieving a $10,000.00 endowment fund invested with St. Croix Valley Foundation.The endowment will provide stability as LOMCP pursues growth. In the years to come, we envision the endowment to support creative expansion in our mission pertaining to specific medical challenges facing families today. For example; IVF, drug rehabilitation and so on.

Our by-laws govern 8% income towards administrative costs. We are proud to report that only 4% of the annual 2016 income was needed for administrative expenses such as membership in the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits and professional marketing needs.

We are sincerely grateful for your support. The board consists of a diverse representation. MCP was founded by Orthodox Christians to assist local parish members going through medical crisis. With so many similar situations all across the Twin Cities, the organization has grown to provide grants for all people regardless of religion or creed. Any person or family going through financial & medical crisis is able to apply for one of our grants.

We wish you a heartfelt and warm holiday season filled with the joy of family and friends,

LOMCP Board of Directors and Advisors

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