Testimonies from 2016 Grant Recipients

Through the support your generosity, LOMCP was able to provide grants to 6 families in 2016.

Two of the recipients attended the gala and were part of the program.  We thank Alla Klyuch and Joanne Lorvig-Tsoumanis for sharing their stories at the 2016 Annual Fundraising Gala.  We share with you a piece of their stories here:


Alla Klyuch is a homeowner who is on the Neighborhood Assistance For Homeowners Program. She is a mother of 4 small children and is self employed. She also cares for her elderly parents that live with her. She was bed stricken for a few months and which caused her to seek out Neighborhood Assistance and apply for their program which assists families experiencing foreclosure to repurchase their home.  LOMCP was able to assist Alla to stay on schedule with her rental payments so that she could eventually return back to her home through the homeowners program. Alla was so excited to tell her story in the midst of LOMCP support.

JoAnn Lorvig- Tsoumanis incurred a chain of medical circumstances that also led her to seek assistance with Neighborhood Assistance. Her husband had lung cancer requiring surgeries following radiation. During the time of her husband’s struggle with cancer, Joanne was suffering a brain injury as a result of a previous car accident leaving her partially paralyzed on the right side. Her husband passed away in 2014. Tragedy continued to hit and a candle started a fire in her house. While going through all events above in the last couple years and continuing rehabilitation for her brain injury, she was not able to work in the business that she and her had husband developed. She has been working with Neighborhood Assistance in preventing her house to be foreclosed. LOMCP was able to provide funds that could help pay her mortgage as she is striving hard to gain more money to keep her property and repair fire damage. Joanne continues to work hard and overcome her limitations from her brain injury so that she can move forward with all the help acquired from LOMCP and Neighborhood Assistance.


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