On Line Benefit for Father Vladimir and Matushka Virginia Lecko

This fund is now closed….a heartfelt thank you to all that supported this benefit. The fundraiser was extremely successful for the medical needs of Matushka Virginia Lecko who has recently been able to move back into her home.

LOMCP is facilitating an on line fundraiser for Father Vladimir and Matushka Virginia Lecko.

These donations can either be made by check (please notate Lecko on your check) and sent to: PO Box 32218, Fridley, MN 55432 or made with an on line donation here

Father Vladimir Lecko and Matushka Ginney served at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church in Minneapolis for many years prior to their retirement 20 years ago. They were so extremely loved and now are in need. Matushka has been in a nursing rehab facility since February creating financial burden as they anticipate her ability to return home within the next few months.

LOMCP is facilitating an ongoing event to assist their medical needs. Please remember them in your prayers and giving hearts. They are so humbled to need help, and honor any form of help as a gift from God at this time.

Please contact Jim Varian at jvarian@gmail.com with any questions regarding this fundraiser.

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