2015 Gala Program

LOMCP received 501c3 tax exempt status early in 2015 enabling the ability to offer 3 medical crisis grants in 2015.  The success of the 2014 gala prompted a repeat event on the terrace of the Stillwater Public Library.  Please purchase a ticket to come and hear stories of how these grants have impacted healing.
LOMCP is collaborating with various partnering organizations to identify applicants in dire need such as:
-FOCUS Minnesota
 www.focusmn.org / FOCUS Minnesota is a grassroots neighborhood organization that provides basic food and clothing assistance to those in need.  They are an outreach, a ministry of the Orthodox Christian Church, predicated on love.
-Neighborhood Assistance Consulting Agency and Home Liberty
www.NeighborhoodAssistUS.org and  http://www.home-liberty.com/ ; agencies which assist people to be able to stay in their homes when facing foreclosure or negative equity. A majority of people suffering from the loss of their home is a result of medical crisis in their lives.
-Nadia’s Gift
http://nadiasgiftofhope.org/; an organization assisting families of children with cancer.
We are looking forward to introducing you to our partnering organizations during the 2015 Gala Program!
Purchase tickets online: $25.00/person (your receipt will be your ticket)
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