Welcome New Director Kate Thomssen

Tis the season of Thanksgiving and family, of gratitude, joy and wonder.

This is a letter of thanks.

Thanks to all our volunteers, sponsors, supporters and donors, our “Giving Family” who share the mission of supporting local families and individuals in financial stress due to medical crisis.

Thanks to you for being the founding members of MCP, in our 4th year, as we create a vibrant community of outreach and giving, committed to serving those experiencing real financial and medical hardship in our broader community.

Thanks to you for your generosity which has provided relief addressing housing, work, transportation, physical and occupational therapy and medical needs uncovered by other medical support programs and insurance. The need has been great and continues to grow. As many non profits fold within their first 2 years, we know that the need is real and our contributions do matter! Hopefully, with your continued participation and enthusiasm, we will be able to fulfill even more of the grant requests we receive.

Thanks to you for sharing our story with like-minded friends and colleagues who want to serve, to see the effect of their contributions in their community, and for sharing with those you may know who need our service. (We are all both at some point in our lives, aren’t we)?

Finally, I personally thank you for welcoming me (the new kid on the MCP Board) so warmly and providing me the context in which to truly make a difference in my community. Let me know how to serve you, our Giving Family, as well.

Kate Thomssen

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them is the true measure of our thanksgiving”. – W.T. Purkiser

about Kate:

Kate Thomssen is a commercial illustrator, teacher and floral designer who is actively retired, which is to say, not actually retired at all!
She continues to apply her art/illustration skills to the personal pursuit of iconography and private commissions; her teaching to volunteer work with the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the
Roseville Public Schools, the Girl Scouts and occasional substituting; and her floral design to freelance wedding and event work.
She is honored to have the opportunity to apply these interests to MCP at this exciting and pivotal point in its growth as an information liaison between the many non profit resources and MCP and as an enthusiastic assistant to our executive director and member of the MCP board.

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