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Continuing to Support Those in Need
After the experience of having a premature baby, Jordan Bronston, one of our directors, is raising funds for babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Below is an article written by the Bronstons that is currently posted on our website. Click to www.lomcp.com to watch their video and see baby Sam. Feel free to donate.

Hi Friends & Family!!

As many of you know, Jessica & I welcomed our son Sam into the world 4 months early. Because of this we spent a third of the year at the hospital waiting for our son to be healthy enough to bring home. During those months, it was extremely grueling & we had to depend on our friends, colleagues & family to help support us. Looking back we realized that we were so blessed & grateful for everyone’s generosity in 2017!

While at the hospital we met dozens of families in different circumstances & in MUCH NEED. Because medical bills (out of pockets) can climb over $12,000+, it puts families in challenging positions financially. While praying for several families we know in the NICU, God put on our hearts to do a fundraiser to help provide grants that would cover basic needs for families going through medical crisis in the NICU (i.e. help with rent, monthly mortgage payment, food, transportation, parking costs). We know & hear of the challenges, & with your help, we hope to alleviate theses stresses for families.

Our goal for spring of 2018 is to raise three $1,000 grants for three families, and we are asking for your help!!! SO for every DOLLAR donated, we will BIKE 1 mile between Jessica, myself, and Sam (when he can fit on a baby bike seat).

Every DOLLAR donated is tax-deductable, as it will go to the Medical Crisis Program. The program is a 501(c) 3 & will distribute these grants to families in the NICU. Families in need will apply, and those in greatest need will receive the $1,000 grant.

Lastly, we have an anonymous person who will match every dollar donated with a 35 cent donation! This means if we hit our goal of $3,000, we could provide a fourth $1,000 grant!

We hope you will participate with even a $1 donation!

Thank you.

The Bronstons

Overcoming Obstacles

How quickly lives can change, creating new needs and challenges. Once again the family of our founder and executive director, Deb Korluka, has demonstrated the point.

Deb, herself, slipped on an icy February morning while walking to teach an icon class. Her leg broke in 3 places. Surgery followed the next morning and Deb began a long period of recovery. Having endured many past surgeries, Deb has proved to be a model patient and terrific healer.
The family has well developed systems and protocols for the care of Deb and all for whom Deb cares! They have resources in place.

Our mission at MCP is to reach out to those whose resources have been greatly diminished or exhausted as a result of medical crisis.

While Deb reminds us again by her own experience that life and new needs occur dramatically and quickly, let us be reminded of our mission and recommit to the needs of those in medical crisis.
Meet One of Our Board Directors- Robbie Korluka


Robbie has been a director on the board since the inception of MCP. Robbie’s passion in life is to be an advocate for health and wellness. He is a graduate of Winona State University with a degree in Exercise Science. As an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, Robert works at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute rehabbing individuals with spinal cord injuries and other various neurological conditions. He also is a personal trainer at River Valley Athletic Club in Stillwater in addition to creating his own Fitness Company, Midwest Fitness Company. He believes that to be happy and healthy, you don’t need to look like you belong on the front page of the Swimsuit edition. You just need to be active, comfortable, and confident in your own skin. Robbie is working on building awareness of MCP in his networks which are in contact with clients that are not prepared for medical crisis which typically represents all of us that endure unexpected crisis.

Click here to see information about the 2018 Annual Fundraiser!

Save the Date Card 2018

India Hicks Party
Get Together – Give Together

An India Hicks party organized by Robyn and Susan Boche was held at the

home of Kate Thomssen on Feb. 27. Over 20 attended, enjoying fellowship,

refreshments, viewing and purchasing unique items from the India Hicks Collection

of gifts, jewelry, beauty products, and accessories.

A portion of the sales was generously donated to MCP by the Boche sisters. Almost

$200 was raised for MCP through product sales and an additional $225

were received in direct donations to MCP. Another summer event is in the


Would YOU Be Interested in being an MCP Board Member?

MCP needs and wants your talents if you have the time or passion to commit.

MCP is growing and therefore the current board will certainly benefit with additional

board members that will collaborate and assist with expanding responsibilities.

Please let Deb Korluka know your interests at 612-889-5868

or email lomcp@lomop.com

Our Grants …

Helped individuals and families pay for medical bills that were not paid for by insurance
Funded an individual’s hearing aids so they could return to work
Made it possible for a family to stay in their home by paying a mortgage payment they couldn’t afford due to imminent medical needs
Paid a family’s utility bills they couldn’t afford due to accumulating medical bills
Supported a family’s apartment rent to alleviate stress from other medial costs

MCP Financial Summary
The Financial health of the Foundation is very stable.

MCP has distributed one grant in 2018 and will distribute up to 9 more as applications are reviewed.

We have received over $4,000 in donations thus far in 2018.

THANK YOU donors for continuing our mission.

Donate online at

April 2018 Vol. 3 Issue 1

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