Thank You for Supporting the 2018 Annual Fundraising Gala

Thank you to everyone that supported MCP’s mission in support of the 2018 Gala. The final profit after gala expenses represented the most successful year since MCP became a nonprofit. We are looking forward to providing grants to help many families and individuals in financial need due to medical crisis into 2019! Thank you for sponsorships, donations, and all volunteer efforts to continue MCP’s sustainability!


In 2018 we were able to offer:

10 grants of $1,000
A NICU Masonic campaign generated $3000, plus $1,000 in a matching grant

Moving into 2019:

Currently we have a total of $15,000 invested in an SCVF endowment fund including savings at Sunrise Banks and

$23,500 in our working accounts at Wells Fargo which will support 2019 grant giving.

2018 Gala Pictures!

_MG_7422-S _MG_7455-S _MG_7452-S _MG_7460-S _MG_7446-S _MG_7440-S _MG_7391-S _MG_7386-S


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