Tribute from Jordan Bronston, Director

Dear MCP Supporter,

A few years ago, when I was asked to serve on the board of the Lyn Olson Medical Crisis program, I had to take time to think & pray if this would be right next step with my community & non-profit involvement.

A few years ago when I got married, I chose to step back from volunteering for a non-profit in South Minneapolis with a focus on at-risk youth. I missed making an impact on kids and families, but knew that I needed to focus on my family before getting involved with volunteering anywhere else.

After getting settled in marriage, I decided that the Lyn Olson Medical Crisis Program was the logical next step of what God was calling me to. There are several things that drew me into the non-profit, and I’d like to share the top 3 these things that drew me in:
The sense of story
The heart for people
The focus on essentials
First, as a small non-profit, Lyn Olson Medical Crisis Program is built on personal stories & real life impacts that have been made directly through the non-profit. One of my firsts tasks on the board was to interview people who have been positively impacted by the MCP. Every story I heard had a very resilient individual (or family member), facing a heartbreaking medical hardship, who embodied the humility to reach out to MCP for help, and who ultimately overcame the adversity through community support. I left each interview inspired and encouraged by the help that a $500 or $1,000 grant made in the lives of every person. When medical crisis hits, even the smallest of gifts can make the largest of impacts.

Second, the MCP truly puts people & the purpose first. As a small non-profit, I was worried at how much money would be spent on areas outside MCP grants to get things growing; however, the opposite couldn’t be more true. This organization defines the word “lean” as most money is towards grants for people and a majority of operating costs are in-kind donations. I am very proud to serve with an organization that puts helping others first & genuinely lives this conviction.

Lastly, the MCP has really clearly defined what is the most essential. Instead of trying to have an undisciplined pursuit of more as an organization, the MCP has a disciplined pursuit of less but better. By having a clearly defined vision, purpose, geographic area of impact, grant areas and set amounts, the MCP understands what is crucial to make the biggest impact. Instead of focusing on hundreds of trivial things that can take up time & resources, the MCP has focused on the vital few areas that will make the biggest impact.

Now going on my third year as a board member, I have never been more excited at the direction the MCP is heading down. After years of trying out new ideas (some successful and others not), I feel that the vision has been sharpened and our impact widened.

The nicest part about serving on this small non-profit, is that it feels like family. Every board member, volunteer, and donor who make up this organization in has been filled with kindness and genuine care for the lives of people in our local community.

I am proud to be apart of it!

Jordan Bronston

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