Year End Thank You

From the Director:

In the warmth of this holiday season we wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude for everything the Medical Crisis Program has achieved.

The Medical Crisis Program is thriving. Without your support we could not have provided the 10/$1,000+ grants to our 2018 applicants and maintained $46,000 in assets. Our assets support our grant giving and our endowment fund.

Every applicant has an amazing story of need. Many times, applicants are afraid of eviction due to their medical crisis. Because of your loyalty to MCP, we are able to offer help to many individuals and their families fearing how their next bill will be paid, whether or not it is a medical bill not covered by insurance, mortgage, rent or utilities.

I wish so much that you could know every story that comes in asking for help. We are very blessed in your trust, your kindness and compassion.

MCP is becoming more known in the Twin City area through many new relationships. The annual gala is the most important fundraising event. This event grows larger every year. We not only met our 2018 fundraising goal as a result of the gala, but shattered our previous fundraising record form all previous years.

We look forward to continuing our work into 2019, seeing you at all upcoming events and most importantly…wishing you and your loved ones a healthy 2019 filled with love and grace!


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