Newsletter Volume 4 Issue 2/ Testimonies

Medical Crisis Program Newsletter Vol 4 Issue 2


Recent Testimonials

“This is a wonderful program to assist someone who has experienced a health related crisis who does not have access to other resources or has already used the available resources.  The patient that I referred is very relieved to have received assistance to alleviate some of her financial burden due to her health crises.  Thank you!”
Theresa Eckstein
HCMC Whittier Clinic
“MCP helped me get a hearing aid.  This was very helpful because I was able to get a job as a bus driver.  Without the hearing aid, I couldn’t be a bus driver because the DOT requires an aid for those with impaired hearing.  The aid not only helped me hear better, but also receive a more steady cash flow each month because of the job.  Programs like the MCP and neighborhood assist have helped my wife and I keep our home and have a place for our children and grandchildren to stay when they are in town over the holidays.  We are overjoyed to have them over and not lose our home.  We have many memories in this place.”
Abbot Family

“Thanks to the Medical Crisis Program we were able to purchase a walker for a client.  His family was trying to save up money for it as he could not afford it and insurance would not cover it.  The walker made all the difference in his ability to walk at home and transfer in and out of the car with his family rather than have to take transportation to and from appointments.  The huge smile on his face when he received the walker showed his gratitude and appreciation to MCP.”

Aimee Stanton
Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
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