Fall Newsletter

Dear Supporters,

We indeed took a “leap of faith” and adapted to the current coronavirus situation by holding our gala virtually including an online silent auction. Our proceeds resulted in the most successful fundraising event to date!

We are so grateful to everyone supporting MCP whether it be by donations, volunteers, gala committee and filming crew, OneCause platform support, board members, advisors, etc. Every person has made a difference in achieving this year’s success, not to mention all of us looking forward at times of uncertainty not knowing whether or not hours, time and money invested would result in a sound outcome.

The outcome reflects that Lyn Olson MCP has grown into a very sound and reliable family of supporters. This is a gift offered to us at a time when we didn’t know what to expect, either financially or supportively. The outcome has shown us that with grace we can continue to help people in medical crisis suffering financial distress. To know that is the heart’s content; is the hope that MCP will be sustainable in both times of prosperity and times of economical challenge.

“Hope is a star set in the firmament of our lives to brighten and lighten – to show the way and encourage us along” (Elizabeth Haworth).

The psalmist reminds us to hope and offer praise for the health of the soul’s contenance,

“For the needy will not always be forgotten, Nor the hope of the afflicted perish forever. Psalm 9:18.

Thank you from all our hearts at MCP!

Deb Korluka

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