Spring News Letter 2020

In perilous times of this global pandemic, we stand even more firm on our vision to bring a community of caring people together to help relieve stress of unforeseen medical circumstances. The threat Covid-19 has brought to the world is truly unprecedented. It already has been, and will continue to be felt throughout our state & nation. Our organization’s commitment is to help our local communities.

Many will suffer loss and hardships in the months to come. We pray for the patients, families, healthcare workers, first responders, government officials, volunteers, pharmacists, grocers, delivery workers who are on the front lines fighting for our behalf. We also pray for those who will suffer financial loss or loss of businesses due to the pandemic. 

Our mission is to help pay medical bills, overdue mortgage/rent, and utility bills due to loss of income as result of this medical crisis. We know the government is providing financial assistance to those who require hospitalization. We also know that the government is helping provide cash during this time to many individuals and families who will be out of work. Even with these programs, we believe we will still see greater need. 

  • Imagine a person working paycheck to paycheck who loses their job, and then loses their 

elderly mother from the virus. They may fall behind in their mortgage. MCP can assist with past due payments. 

  • Imagine a single mother who is without work, falls sick to the virus, requires medical support, 

and someone to watch her child. Then after weeks of recovery looking for work, her money dries up. We can help cover past due utility bills. 

  • Imagine first responders becoming ill with the virus, and not being able to fully return to 

service. They fall behind on their rent payments, MCP can help provide a grant to cover this cost. These are just three ways out of many in how we can assist individuals and families in the weeks and months to come. AND WE NEED YOUR HELP! 

First, please let us know if a loved one is sick and could use our help? We can assist with providing emergency financial support with whatever’s needed. 

Second, please take 3 minutes and place a donation today. We are asking for onetime #covid-19 donations of $20, $50, $100 & $1000. 

Any donations not used to address Covid-19, will be used to used to help individuals and other families in need. 

Thank you, 

Donate Online at Jordan Bronston 

LOMCP.com Chair Medical Crisis Program 

Medical Crisis Program *. P.O. Box 32218 * Fridley, MN 5543 

Spring 2020 Newsletter Vol. 5 Issue 2 

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