Winter Newsletter Vol. 4/Issue 1

Executive Director Report

MCP has significantly solidified its presence in 2019 by helping 15 families in medical crisis, working on strategic planning for the future, and fulfilling greater skills provided by new board members.

I am very excited at the possibilities MCP is presenting as we grow stronger in providing not only a higher number of individual grants but the potential to provide increased grant amounts as we exhibit greater sustainability.

Our promise is to continue to remain dedicated to a need. A need which is critical in society. A need representing our mission to financially assist individuals and families in medical crisis as a gesture of hope and good faith. A commitment to investing into the well being of our society, not to help those less fortunate, but to help every good citizen in need one by one.

– Deb Korluka

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Winter 2020 Newsletter Vol. 5 Issue 1


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