Eligibility & Application

MCP Application Criteria


In evaluating applications, the MCP Board will consider applications based on these following criteria:

  1. The applicant must be an United States citizen, live in the United States residing in the Minnesota, Wisconsin or Iowa region and receive and pay for care/items in the United States.
  2. The applicant must be covered by a commercial health insurance plan and limits for the requested service are either exceeded, or no coverage is available and/or costs are a serious financial burden on the family.
  3. Other financial resources to meet the uninsured medical bill are not available.
  4. The applicant must present lack of coverage for the medical bill not covered by insurance.
  5. The applicant must present past due notice for mortgage/rent/utility bill due to lack of funds paid out for medical care.
  6. The maximum amount awarded to an individual will pertain to each individual case.
  7. The health care professional/agency or mortgage/rent/utility company will be paid directly by MCP.
  8. Applications will be reviewed by a health care professional appointed by MCP to determine medical appropriateness as defined in our 501c3 application for medical crisis support.
  9. Grant awards are retroactive 60 days prior to the date of the grant application having an expiration date of 24 months unless the funds are exhausted prior to the expiration date. The grant will not cover any medical costs outside of this date range.
  10. Applicants not approved by the MCP grant review process must wait another 12 months for reapplication, unless the medical crisis and requested items have significantly changed from the original application.

Applications are available. Please contact info@lomcp.com to request an application packet.

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