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We strive to help families that are not eligible for other medical support programs and generally fall between 75-90% of the area median income.

Founded in 2014, the Lyn Olson Medical Crisis Program provides financial assistance to qualifying applicants through grants funded by individual donations and fundraising events.

Since our inception in 2014, 2015 was LOMCP’s first year of grant giving. 3 grants in the amount of $500.00 were gifted to qualifying individuals in 2015. Now we enter the year 2019 with $23,500 to support grant giving.

We also help organize fundraising events to raise additional funds for those in the midst of aftermath of a medical crisis. Life can be very unpredictable. We seek to encourage individuals and families enduring crisis and setback that support can be available through resources of community and love to help ease their burden.

Read some Stories of Hope, from previous recipients.

Testimony from the Abbot family:

The LOMCP helped me get a hearing aid. This was very helpful because I was able to get a job as a bus driver. Without the hearing aid, I couldn’t be a bus driver because the DOT requires an aid for those with impaired hearing. The aid not only helped me hear better, but also receive a more steady cash flow each month because of the job. Programs like the LOMCP and neighborhood assist have helped my wife and I keep our home and have a place for our children & grandchildren to stay when they are in town over the holidays. We are overjoyed to have them over & not lose our home. We have many memories in this place.

Testimony from the Bartz family:


Cindy & Paul Bartz lost their home in the end of September 2014. This happened after their son Eric was diagnosed with Wolff Parkinson White Heart Murmurs. The murmurs can short circuit the heart causing irregular heartbeats that are life threatening. For years Cindy would consistently worry about her son & needed to put restrictions on his activities. In one day her worries were multiplied. She now had to find a new home for her family, and find a date for her son to have an expensive corrective surgery.

All of this couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Bartz Family.

The family’s only option was to move into a hotel. For nine months the family lived in a 325 square foot hotel & shared one queen bed. They paid $1,400 a month for the room & another $245 to store other valuables that could not fit into the hotel room. The family was extremely resourceful as they only had a mini fridge, hot plate, a crock pot & pizza oven to prepare all of their meals. In the winter months they were able to store cold food in their car & in the warmer months they made more trips to the store.

While at the hotel, Cindy & Paul did not want to go through with their Son’s surgery. They couldn’t imagine their son recovering in such an overcrowded environment. They were desperate to move out of the hotel & into a place they can call home. Fortunately the LOMCP & Neighborhood Assist programs helped the Bartz’s secure a home in Brooklyn Park. The LOMCP grant went towards closing costs on a new home. They moved in June 2015 (4 months of time to prepare for their son’s November surgery).

They were able to get their pets back, beds back, 775 more indoor sq feet, and 10,000 more property sq feet. Furthermore, they saved nearly $800 a month on living costs. Most importantly, Eric was able to recover much better in a much healthier environment. He was able to relax by the fireplace, look out the window at the Lilac & birds. His mother had a full kitchen to provide nutritious meals.

Today, Eric has no restrictions on his activities. He recovered great! He made 8 friends in his neighborhood & they are always playing games & football in the yard. Cindy said her favorite memory was taking a family trip down to Minnehaha falls. All day they rode bikes, hiked trails & her son had no restrictions on his activities.

Today the Bartz family lives happily in Brooklyn Park. The stress levels have significantly been reduced. Cindy said, “this experience was life changing, and whenever I see someone holding a sign on the side of the road, I never judge. After going through this with my family, I have empathy for what people go through. I am grateful that programs like Neighborhood Assistant Consulting Agency & LOMCP are able to help. Thank you.”





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